Massage therapy aids Chiropractic

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At York Chiropractic,UK, Dr Burns works with a massage therapist, who will see his patients first. The massage therapist uses massage to soften the muscles around the joints, which improves the results of the subsequent chiropractic adjustment from Dr Burns. Below is a US news article around the benefits of massage.

A New York chiropractor is spreading the word to patients and pain sufferers that massage therapy can provide benefits in conjunction with other natural treatment methods. According to Dr. Jarrod Nichols of Nichols Chiropractic, various forms of massage therapy can be prescribed to relieve pain and stiffness, reduce swelling, and inflammation, and promote faster healing of soft tissues. “We frequently use massage alongside spinal adjustment, acupuncture and other specific healing modalities, because we find that this combination of approaches has a powerful synergistic effect on our patients’ healing and comfort levels,” he says.

The clinic relies on its massage therapist, Kriste Everhart, CMT, to provide any of several different massage techniques depending on the nature of the patient’s condition. Dr. Nichols notes that the technique most people think of in association with massage is Swedish massage, a relatively light massage utilizing circular strokes. He states that this form of massage can prove especially useful for injured, tight or overworked muscles close to the skin surface. “Swedish massage is not only highly relaxing for stressed-out patients, but it also increases blood flow, which enables the tissues to release built-up toxins such as lactic acid that cause pain,” he says.

The chiropractor adds that the circulatory increase can help deliver more oxygen and nutrients to an injury site for faster healing. In some cases, Everhart applies heated stones to amplify the healing and relaxing effects of a Swedish massage.

The clinic also offers other forms of massage such as prenatal massage, reflexology and deep tissue massage. Dr. Nichols describes prenatal massage as another relatively light, gentle technique prescribed for the relief of edema, back pain, neck pain, headaches and other symptoms commonly suffered by women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. He adds that prenatal massage can make an effective accompaniment to the Webster Technique, a type of chiropractic adjustment that aids not only in pain relief but also in helping the fetus position itself for a normal delivery. Reflexology focuses its massage techniques on the feet; the chiropractor describes it as an ancient practice that uses the stimulation of specific points on the feet to improve the performance of individual organs or other physical systems.

In contrast to these massage techniques, says Dr. Nichols, deep tissue massage applies more pressure to manipulate tissues deeper within the body. “Deep muscle tension can play a role in many forms of chronic pain, from TMJ to headaches, and deep tissue massage targets specific knots or trigger points that are causing the debilitating pain and stiffness,” he says. The practitioner welcomes further inquiries about any of these massage techniques.

In addition to massage therapy, Nichols Chiropractic provides acupuncture and a variety of chiropractic techniques such as Active Release Technique, the Webster Technique and iTrack therapy for Manhattan, Kansas patients. The clinic staffs three chiropractors, two trained professionals in acupuncture and oriental medicine, and a massage therapist for comprehensive patient care. Article from Globenewswire Nov 17th 2013


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